Web Development Services in Egypt

Professional Custom Made Web Development

We build professional web applications,and websites for your business. weather you need an e-commerce website, forums, tours website, or even a social network.

We use open source web development technologies to make sure your web app is well supported, and documented and used by a large number of web developers around the world

Server Side Development in Egypt

  • PHP

PHP is the most used server-side language on the internet today. It has a lot of advantages such as a very good language support, cross platform langugage, easy to use and develop, and a very large number of frameworks, and CMS systems build around it.

PHP7 is the latest version of PHP, and it comes with a huge number of improvements like the new zend engine, performance boost up to two times PHP5, addition of anonymous classes and much more.

  • MySQL

MySQL is the most used open source database, and it is widely used with PHP. MySQL enables high performance and scalable dynamic web apps. MySQL is a relational database for complex web apps. It is easy to maintain and repair, with a lot of other features like database replicas.

  • Laravel

Laravel is an open source PHP framework build with MVC architecture. It is modular, and modern, with a good dependencies manager, database tools and a large number of web developers supporting it.

  • MariaDB

MariaDB is a fork of MySQL, it has a lot of good features such as very good speed, more storage engines, improvements on table indexes, and parallel replication.

  • WordPress

WordPress is a content management system build with PHP. It is an easy-to-use, user friendly CMS that allow users to manage their websites easily. It also has a huge community around it as it is the most used CMS on the internet. WordPress also has a lot of plugins and themes like woocommmerce, BuddyPress, and more. These plugins allow you to create complex web apps, and websites like e-commerce websites, booking systems, and social networking apps.

Front End Development in Egypt