Web Development Services in Egypt

Professional Custom Made Web Development

We build professional web applications,and websites for your business. weather you need an e-commerce website, forums, tours website, or even a social network.

We use open source web development technologies to make sure your web app is well supported, and documented and used by a large number of web developers around the world

Server Side Development in Egypt

  • PHP

PHP is the most used server-side language on the internet today. It has a lot of advantages such as a very good language support, cross platform langugage, easy to use and develop, and a very large number of frameworks, and CMS systems build around it.

PHP7 is the latest version of PHP, and it comes with a huge number of improvements like the new zend engine, performance boost up to two times PHP5, addition of anonymous classes and much more.

  • MySQL

MySQL is the most used open source database, and it is widely used with PHP. MySQL enables high performance and scalable dynamic web apps. MySQL is a relational database for complex web apps. It is easy to maintain and repair, with a lot of other features like database replicas.

  • Laravel

Laravel is an open source PHP framework build with MVC architecture. It is modular, and modern, with a good dependencies manager, database tools and a large number of web developers supporting it.

  • MariaDB

MariaDB is a fork of MySQL, it has a lot of good features such as very good speed, more storage engines, improvements on table indexes, and parallel replication.

  • WordPress

WordPress is a content management system build with PHP. It is an easy-to-use, user friendly CMS that allow users to manage their websites easily. It also has a huge community around it as it is the most used CMS on the internet. WordPress also has a lot of plugins and themes like woocommmerce, BuddyPress, and more. These plugins allow you to create complex web apps, and websites like e-commerce websites, booking systems, and social networking apps.

Front End Development in Egypt

  • HTML5

HTML5 is the latest version of the pobular markup language HTML. It is supported  by all major browsers and on smartphones. HTML5 has added a lot of semantic tags like <article>, <section>, <footer> and more. These tags help your website with strauctered data instead of using a lot of classes and ids for your divs.

  • CSS3

CSS3 is a styling language used by all websites to deliver stylish web designs. CSS frameworks will help you having an organized code, and some frameworks even allows you to add conditions to your styles. SOme of the most pobular CSS frameworks are Bootstrap, Less, and Cess.

  • Javascript

Javascript is a front-end development language. It is used to create interactive web pages easily. It is a lossely typed interpreted language which makes it a flexible, and easy-to-use language. Javascript frameworks even make it a powerful language. Some of the most pobular frameworks are Node.js, React.js, vue.js and much more.