I am Marco, a seasoned web designer based in Cairo, Egypt. With 11 years of experience under my belt, I’ve been crafting clean, minimal but detailed user interfaces and intuitive experiences for a number of international companies and startups. I offer a wide range of web design, web development, UX, UI design services in Egypt. Also I have worked for some of the best web design companies in Egypt like DW DESIGNS and PEGS WEB SOLUTIONS offering professional web design & development services.

I  build websites using the latest web design technologies, and trends so that you can get the best professional website design for your company in Egypt.

HTML5 Responsive Design

Our websites are built with all new HTML5 standards, and tags. HTML5 is a modern version of the popular HTML markup language used on the internet. HTML5 now is used on all modern website designs using it’s modern tags like <section>, <article>, <footer>, etc…

Using these tags help different devices and search engines better understand your website, and it’s content. Alos with the use of HTML5, you will be able to add reach media, and elements to your website easily. HTML5 also has a new set of APIs to interact with Javascript DOM like Canvas, Drag and Drop, etc…

Responsive Design

Responsive Design is a technique used to make your website work across all screen resolutions, and sizes. We build your website from ground up to meet all responsive design standards. Using CSS3 media queries and Javascript, we can optimize your website for different screen sizes, and devices.

We start the design process by building design mockups for you for each screen size. After that we use these mockups to start building your website as a mobile first web design, then we scale it up to bigger screen sizes and resolutions.

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We at the Site Guy use open source web development languages such as PHP, MySQL, Javascript, AngularJS and more.

PHP is a server side programming language for building websites, and web applications. It is used by more than 80% of the websites on the internet including some big names like Facebook. PHP is an open source language which means it’s easy to make changes to the language and redistribute it freely.

MySQL also is an open source database language, widely used with PHP to build dynamic web apps, with database tables. Both MySQL, and PHP offer great performance and scalability.

I  build websites using the latest web design technologies, and trends so that you can get the best professional website design for your company in Egypt.

PHP Frameworks

Using PHP frameworks on top of PHP greatly enhance code reuse, and modern system architecture. We at the Site Guy use some of the most knows PHP frameworks like Laravel, and Symphony.

Using these frameworks allows us to  build very complex web applications, and systems. You can have a travel booking website, an e-commerce system, or even a social network.

Javascript Frameworks

Javascript is a client side development language used to manipulate website content, creating animations, and interactive elements. Javascript also can be used at the beackend with NodeJS which is a framework to build real-time web applications using Javascript.

We use pobular Javascript frameowrks to make sure your website is always up-to-date with web technologies and APIs.

Angular.js is one of the best frameworks for quick code production,  and easy testing.Since release its ecosystem has gone beyond imagination. It is the most used Javascript framework for building web apps.

ReactJS is an other very popular JS framework: as of today. In MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern React.js acts as “V” and can be easily integrated with any web app. React.js uses virtual DOM for better performance.

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